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The Best Bathroom Tiles

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Since water and other kinds of moisture proliferate within the bathroom, it’s important to get flooring that’s going to last against the constant exposure to moisture. That reason alone makes bathroom tiles ideal as bathroom flooring. Here at Dynamic Flooring Concepts we carry a largest variety of bathroom tiles in all of Toronto.

Although there is a huge variety of bathroom tiles to chose from, the most popular and common bathroom tile materials are ceramic, porcelain and vinyl. However it is not uncommon that homeowners use materials like wood, cork, stone and glass for the bathroom tiles in their property.

To get an idea about the different types of tiles, we are going to take a look at the three most commonly used ones.

Vinyl bathroom tiles. This material is perhaps the most popular bathroom tile material. Vinyl is actually very cost effective and is considered the most ‘practical’ of the bathroom materials out there. Any bathroom located in a home can make use of vinyl tile. Not only is this material safe and comfortable, it’s also self-adhering and easy to cut.

Ceramic and/or porcelain bathroom tiles. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles have many different looks, whether homeowners want vivid colors or stone-like patterns. Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain, though some people might dislike how they feel.
In contrast, porcelain tiles are more resilient than clay-based tiles and have a more thorough-body color, giving them an advantage if they chip over time.

Glass bathroom tiles. Glass tiles are considered a great option if a homeowner’s looking for something that’s resilient and slip-resistant if properly textured. If desired, a homeowner can take advantage of the transparency of glass to create decorative patterns mimicking a glass mural, providing an interesting depth to their bathroom flooring.

Plastic laminate bathroom tiles. If a homeowner’s remodeling, these bathroom tiles are ideal to use in place of common bathroom tiles. These tiles are both durable and easy to maintain, however they don’t usually hold up well against moisture. This is why to prevent moisture from affecting these tiles, it’s important to completely caulk the edges and gaps surrounding the tiles themselves. These tiles don’t usually have a large selection of colors or styles.

All our products are high quality. We currently carry the widest selection of bathroom tiles in all of the GTA. Property owners who are interested in finding a wide variety of bathroom tiles can browse our online store or visit our showroom located just off the 400 in Vaughan, where our professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.