Heated Floor Systems

Heated Floor Systems, such as those produced by Schluter or WarmUp, can give a chilly space a luxurious feeling of warmth and comfort. One of the greatest advantages of installing a heated floor system is the use of science.  Hot air’s tendency to rise means that the heat emitted from your floor will slowly drift upwards evenly heating the entire room and it’s cozy on your feet.

Here at Dynamic Flooring Concepts we proud suppliers of the two top brands in the industry, Schluter and WarmUp

Schluter InFloor Heating System

The Schluter offers two electric floor warming systems; DITRA-HEAT and DITRA-HEAT-DUO. Both systems incorporate Schluter’s patented award winning uncoupling technology, DITRA, to safeguard against cracked tiles and grout, while keep you warm and cozy.


im1 The heating cables in the Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT system are encapsulated within the grid structure of the DITRA membrane. This significantly reduces the installation time and effort, since clips, fasteners, or levelling compounds are not required.

Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT is just 1/4″ or 5.5 mm in height, helps to maintain a low tile assembly thickness.


img2 The Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-DUO provides all the benefits of Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT with the added benefit of a waterproofing membrane with an integrated bonded fleece. This membrane creates a thermal break, helping to reduce heat loss, improving warm-up time and reducing sound transmission through floor-ceiling assemblies.


Warmup offers a wide range of products and systems that can be installed under tiles, carpet, wood, laminate and vinyl finishes. Their electrical underfloor heating solutions are warm within minutes, avoiding overheating and wasted energy.

Loose Wire System

img3Warmup’s loose wire system is a versatile system that is prefect for small or irregular shaped rooms. This system is designed to be installed within the adhesive layer under tiles or natural stone floors. It can also be installed within the levelling compound under other floor finishes such as carpet, vinyl, or hardwood. The plastic cable fixing guides, used to secure the loose heating cables, assist with a quick and easy installation process.

Heating Mat System

img4 Warm Up’s StickyMat is comprised of ultra thin twin conductor cables which are pre-spaced on a thin fiberglass mesh to ensure uniform heating. With pressure sensitive adhesive located on both side of the mat you can cut, flip and turn the mat for easy installation on your floor surface. This system recommended for large open rooms. Once installed tiles, carpet, vinyl, wood or stone can be placed on top.

Foil Heater

img5 Warmup’s foil heater is an ultra-thin electric radiant floor heating system can be used for under carpet, laminate, cork, engineered wood, and other floating floors.

The foil panels are comprised of a thin twin conductor heating cable sandwiched between several layers of aluminum foil.

The simple cut and turn design makes it easy to install and will not increase the height of the subfloor. This system can be installed for a new build or during a renovation.

Inslab Cable System

img6 Warm Up’s Inslab Cable System is specifically designed for new construction builds. Loose cables are placing directly into the concrete slab. The heated slab can now be covered with any type of floor, including, hardwood, vinyl, tile and more.